With Canvaspace, you can set various user roles for the members of your institution. Below are the default user roles, but we can modify them to suit your school's unique needs.


Admin is the highest user role in Canvaspace. Admins can change virtually everything about your portfolio site. Here's a rundown of what admins can do:

  • Change site-wide settings, which includes color theme, title, tagline, logo, email domains, and more.
  • Manage other user roles and permissions.
  • Edit pages and menu structure.
  • Edit or add/delete artwork filters (status, degree, and major/program)
  • Enable project moderation
  • View the analytics dashboard.
  • Edit projects.
  • Edit user profiles.
  • Feature student artwork.


Below admin is the moderator role. Moderators can:

  • Edit projects and user profiles.
  • Feature projects.
  • Enable project moderation.


Faculty members simply have the ability to feature student projects.


Canvaspace users can post their own projects. They can also like, comment, and share other artist's work.