1. As an admin, you’ll see a new drop-down when you hover your profile in the top right. Select “dashboard” to check out the admin features!
  2. On the dashboard, you’ll see all the analytics you need, including projects created, total users, messages, and guest activity.
  3. Click “settings” to see all the customizability of Canvaspace. You can change virtually everything about Canvaspace to create a personal experience. Look at the screenshot for all of the options:

  4. You can change your site’s title, tagline, logo, and alerts. On the right side, you can completely customize the color scheme using hex codes.
  5. In the user's tab, you can see all the registered users. You can delete or ban users, as well as export emails into an email list.

  6. If you click on an individual user, you can go to their profile and edit their permissions. You can set them as a user, teacher, or as an administrator.

  7. In the filters tab, you can change the options for status, degree, and major based on your school’s unique offerings. Simply type in new options or delete old ones and hit “save settings.”

  8. If you navigate to pages, you can create, edit and delete pages on your Canvaspace site. Pages are incredibly user-friendly and very similar to the backend of WordPress.

  9. Once you’ve made pages, you can go to the menus tab to add them to the main navigation. If you want to add a custom link (for instance an external site), you can do that too. You can easily drag and drop to rearrange the menu order.