1. To upload a project, select “My Profile” from the drop-down menu in the top right.
  2. From there, click the ( + ) button right below “My Portfolio.”

  3. Start off by naming your project and giving it a description and tags. If users are on a project and click on a tag, they will see all published projects with that tag.

  4. Once your title, description, and tags are good to go, start uploading! To add images, simply drag and drop from your desktop or browse your files.

  1. For videos, copy/paste your YouTube or Vimeo link and click the plus icon to the right. A thumbnail should appear, indicating that the video has successfully been added.

  1. For 3D art (Sketchfab), the process is the same. Paste your Sketchfab project link, click the plus icon, and wait for the thumbnail to appear.

  1. Once you’re ready, hit publish! Or if you want to wait until later, you can save your project as a draft.

Here’s an example of what your project landing page will look like once it’s published:

And what it looks like from your profile: